WAG Photos

Here is an update of the current renovation being undertaken by Victrack who discovered that all the floor stumps in the bathroom, kitchen, Studios 1 & 2 were rotten and had to be replaced. We requested that extra stumping be placed under the floor where the printing press is positioned.

I visited today and the amount of light bouncing around the room was amazing; with just the ceiling primed and walls partially painted.  All ceilings throughout have been fully caulked - no more dust and grime falling through! There is a team of 7 men this week and 2 extra coming next week so the timetable should be maintained.

These changes will make our rooms a highlight in the Woodend art world.

A small band of volunteers totally stripped the rooms and packed away everything into storage before the workers turned up on Monday, 27 November. It was a very demanding task. Thank you so much.

Photos of WAG members with their paintings after enjoying another Daniel Butterworth workshop.